Lab Director

Dr. Luke Clark is a global expert on the psychology of gambling. He joined UBC’s Department of Psychology as the inaugural Director of the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC in July 2014. Before moving to UBC, he worked in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge from 2000, and he was appointed to faculty in Cambridge in 2007.

Dr. Clark’s research is directed at understanding the neural and psychological basis of distorted styles of thinking during gambling, and the relevance of these processes to problem gambling. This work combines measurement of brain activity and psychophysiology during cognitive tasks with other approaches including investigation of patients with focal brain injury, and pharmacological studies in healthy volunteers.

In 2015, Dr. Clark was the recipient of the Scientific Achievement Award from the National Center for Responsible Gaming. He has published over 180 papers in peer-reviewed journals and he has given keynote talks at conferences in Europe and Australia. Dr. Clark holds a Discovery Grant from NSERC, and he has editorial roles at two leading journals, Addiction and International Gambling Studies.