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Roundhouse Radio – UBC Study Finds Gambling And Drug Addiction Activate Brain In Similar Ways

A UBC psychology study has identified similarities in the brain activity of drug addicts and problem gamblers that could help improve treatment for those that struggle with a gambling addiction. Researchers at the university’s Centre for Gambling Research say a part of the brain responsible for cravings, known as the insula and the prefrontal cortex, […]

Metro News – Gambling addiction triggers same part of brain as drug addiction: UBC study

The finding could help rehab centres measure the effectiveness of treatments, something that is currently difficult. more

Vancouver Sun – Gambling, alcohol, drug addictions share brain circuitry

Gambling addicts are being given a drug that curbs alcohol and heroin cravings in an experiment conducted by researchers at UBC’s Centre for Gambling Research. more

Pulse FM – Craving in gambling disorder

Eve Limbrick-Oldfield from the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC discusses the teams new study on craving in problem gambling. Broadcast 4th January 2017 more

Roundhouse Radio – Craving in gambling disorder

Broadcast on 6th January 2017, Eve Limbrick-Oldfield discusses new research on craving in gambling disorder more

CFAX 1070 – Eve Limbrick-Oldfield on craving in problem gamblers

Dr. Limbrick-Oldfield talks about a recent study investigating craving responses in problem gamblers. more

Global News – Craving in problem gambling

Luke Clark and Eve Limbrick-Oldfield talk about their new research study investigating the brain response to craving in problem gambling. more

Nautilus Magazine – How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games

The responsibilities and challenges of programmed luck more