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The Centre for Gambling Research at UBC was established to advance the understanding of the psychology of gambling, in order to reduce the harms associated with problem gambling, and improve evidence-based gambling policy. The Centre studies cognitive, behavioural, clinical and neuroscience aspects of gambling, and provides teaching and research training related to the aims of the Centre.

Established with $2 million in funding from the B.C. Government and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), the Centre operates with complete academic independence from BCLC, the government and the gambling industry. For further information about the funding arrangements for the Centre for Gambling Research, there is a commentary article available here (free of charge, for limited time) or here (Clark 2015, International Gambling Studies).

The Centre is expected to become a focal point for research activities and collaborations related to gambling both at UBC and across B.C..

Watch a video about the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC.