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Pulse FM – Craving in gambling disorder

Eve Limbrick-Oldfield from the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC discusses the teams new study on craving in problem gambling. Broadcast 4th January 2017 more

Roundhouse Radio – Craving in gambling disorder

Broadcast on 6th January 2017, Eve Limbrick-Oldfield discusses new research on craving in gambling disorder more

CFAX 1070 – Eve Limbrick-Oldfield on craving in problem gamblers

Dr. Limbrick-Oldfield talks about a recent study investigating craving responses in problem gamblers. more

Global News – Craving in problem gambling

Luke Clark and Eve Limbrick-Oldfield talk about their new research study investigating the brain response to craving in problem gambling. more

Nautilus Magazine – How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games

The responsibilities and challenges of programmed luck more

The Centre for Gambling Research at UBC discovers new treatments for problem gamblers

After looking at images of slot machines and roulette, problem gamblers experience increased activity in the same part of the brain that lights up when drug addicts have cravings, according to a new study out of the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC. The findings, published today in Translational Psychiatry, suggest that this part of […]