NEW PAPER: Alcohol consumption and slot machine gambling

New paper by Juliette Tobias-Webb in Journal of Gambling Studies looks at alcohol consumption after slot machine gambling: 30 mins of gambling (compared to a TV watching control group) showed increased ad libitum alcohol intake. Curiously, the effect did not transfer to a beer ‘taste test’ procedure in a second experiment in the paper. This may say something about the sensitivity of the taste test methodology, although the procedures in experiments 1 and 2 also differed in a couple of other ways: cue presence, social factors, & sample sizes.

Tobias-Webb J, Griggs RL, Kaufman N, Clark L. Role reversal: the influence of slot machine gambling on subsequent alcohol consumption. Journal of Gambling Studies, 2019, in press. Doi: 10.1007/s10899-018-9787-6