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MEDIA COVERAGE gambling and alcohol study

The Tobias-Webb et al study on alcohol, loss chasing, and the gambler’s fallacy picked up some news coverage: UBC Press Release CFAX radio interview, Adam Stirling’s morning show CTV news “Gamblers more likely to ‘chase losses’ after boozing, study finds” “Tipsy Gamblers More Likely to Throw Good Money After Bad, Says University of British […]

GREO Research Snapshot on our Loot Boxes paper

Thanks GREO for covering the Brooks & Clark study in Addictive Behaviors earlier this year on video game loot boxes & problem gambling, led by CGR grad student Gabriel Brooks. More to follow on this hot topic in 2020!

NEW PAPER in Psychopharmacology: Effects of alcohol on sequential decision making

We have a new paper out looking at the effects of alcohol on gambling behaviour, from CGR alumnus Juliette Tobias Webb. Tobias-Webb J, Limbrick-Oldfield EH, Vearncombe S, Duka T, Clark L. The effects of alcohol on sequential decision-making biases during gambling. Psychopharmacology, 2020, doi: 10.1007/s00213-019-05376-z

NEW PAPER: update review on Loss Chasing

We have a new review article out on Loss Chasing in a special issue of Current Opinion in Behavioural Sciences. In this paper we look to contrast two alternative ways of conceptualizing an important feature of disordered gambling: a neurocognitive approach that emphasizes impulsivity & compulsivity, and a behavioural economics approach, where the value function […]