NEW PAPER: Flow and Slot Machine Gambling

We have a new paper in Frontiers in Psychology, led by Spencer Murch, looking at a cardiac psychophysiology measure called Pre-ejection Period (PEP) as a marker of sympathetic nervous system activity, during slot machine gambling. This paper features in a special section of Frontiers  on High Performance Cognition: Information-processing in Complex Skills, Expert Performance, and Flow. Thanks to Mario Ferrari who provided one of the three datasets for the paper, and Brooke Macdonald, who worked on one of the experiments during an undergraduate research assistant at the Centre.

Murch WS, Ferrari MA, McDonald BM, Clark L. Investigating Flow State and Cardiac Pre-Ejection Period during Electronic Gaming Machine Use. Frontiers in Psychology: Performance Science 2020, 11: 300. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2020.00300.