NEW PAPER in Addiction: eye tracking and gambling immersion

Spencer’s paper using eye tracking during slot machine gambling, in order to better characterize immersive states, is published in the June issue of Addiction.

This was a real team effort, involving several collaborators in the lab, with UBC Centre for Brain Health, and Miriam Spering’s lab in UBC Ophthalmology. Spencer did a great thread on this paper on Twitter in January :

Murch WS, Limbrick-Oldfield EH, Ferrari MA, MacDonald KI, Fooken J, Cherkasova MV, Spering M, Clark L. Zoned in or zoned out? Investigating immersion in slot machine gambling using mobile eye tracking. Addiction, 2020, 115, 1127-1138 doi: 10.1111/add.14899

There is also a commentary piece in the journal by Damien Brevers: