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UBC Emotion Research Group

Luke is presenting today at the first workshop of the UBC Emotion Research Group, a collaborative venture between the Cognitive Science and Social Psychology areas of the Department, organized by Beck Todd and Jess Tracy’s labs. Luke will be speaking on ‘I got chills, they’re multiplying – somatic markers and bet size on a gambling […]

BC Gaming Industry Association

We’d like to thank the BC Gaming Industry Association for their invitation to Dr. Clark to talk at their board meeting, on the progress and future directions of the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC. The discussion following the presentation honed in on a number of key points about the relationship between the science of […]

The Centre is UBC Psychology’s December Lab of the Month feature

Understanding the psychology of gambling and improving evidence-based gambling policy are key drivers behind the research at the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC. The Centre explores the cognitive, behavioural, clinical and neuroscience aspects of gambling, Since it was established in 2014, the Centre – one of only a handful of gambling research hubs globally – […]

Take part: Cognitive function in people with gambling disorder

Take part: Cognitive function in people with gambling disorder

We are looking to recruit people experiencing gambling problems, who live in the greater Vancouver area, for the first research of its kind in BC. For more details, see here

Poll: British Columbians see online betting as most dangerous form of gambling

Online betting is more likely than any other type of gambling to be perceived as dangerous, according to a new poll — but a University of B.C. psychologist says the reality may be much more complicated than that. more

Research2Reality 2016 “What makes gambling addictive?”

Website featuring innovative science in Canada Is slot machine gambling more about excitement or absorption? Professor Luke Clark looks at how game design influences gambling addiction. more

Eve talking at Society for Neuroeconomics in Berlin

Eve Limbrick-Oldfield is giving a symposium talk at the Society for Neuroeconomics annual meeting in Berlin this week, on our recent neuroimaging work on the Gambler’s Fallacy: “Behavioural and neural correlates of the gambler’s fallacy in Gambling Disorder“. We’re particularly excited that this is the first time we’ve been invited to speak in a session […]

Global News – Is playing Pokemon GO a good or bad thing for our society?

Is playing Pokemon GO a good or bad thing for our society? The popularity of Pokemon GO just keeps growing and so does the debate over whether it’s good or bad. Linda Aylesworth searched for an answer. more

CBC News – Organizers cancel Pokémon Go meet-up planned for Stanley Park

Despite cancellation, many on Facebook say they plan to visit Stanley Park to chase Pokémon anyway. “As you need to go outside and move around to progress in the game, I hope this might work as a natural barrier to the game becoming too addictive,” said Luke Clark in the release. more

News1130 – Pokémon Go good for mental health: study

“Players need to get outside in order to play the game. That’s really responsible for this amazing social contagion of the game, but it also seems to be impacting people’s mental health as well,” says Luke Clark, the director of the centre for gambling research at UBC. more