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BBC Radio 4 – The Hindsight Bias

The Human Zoo is a place to learn about the one subject that never fails to fascinate – ourselves. Are people led by the head or by the heart? How rational are we? And how do we perceive the world? There’s a curious blend of intriguing experiments to discover our biases and judgements, explorations and […]

Centre for Gambling Research New Horizon’s 2016 videos on gambling

Videos featured in the New Horizons 2016 conference to show different gambling cognitive distortions and responsible gambling messaging. more

“Gambling: the impetus, evolving theories, characteristics, and treatments” – Online recorded interview with Abbey Strauss for the Florida Psychiatric Society

Luke Clark, Ph.D., from the University of British Columbia, explains gambling: the impetus, evolving theories, characteristics, the drive, that it is an addiction, and the interventions and treatments. more