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CBC News – Organizers cancel Pokémon Go meet-up planned for Stanley Park

Despite cancellation, many on Facebook say they plan to visit Stanley Park to chase Pokémon anyway. “As you need to go outside and move around to progress in the game, I hope this might work as a natural barrier to the game becoming too addictive,” said Luke Clark in the release. more

News1130 – Pokémon Go good for mental health: study

“Players need to get outside in order to play the game. That’s really responsible for this amazing social contagion of the game, but it also seems to be impacting people’s mental health as well,” says Luke Clark, the director of the centre for gambling research at UBC. more

UBC Trek magazine (alumni magazine) – Pokemon Go

The Surprising Psychological Benefits and Risks of Pokémon Go more

UBC press release on Pokemon Go

The surprising psychological benefits— and risks— of Pokémon Go more

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Congratulations Spencer and Steph for CGR’s first Masters theses!

Spencer Murch and Steph Chu have both successfully defended their Masters theses over the past week, and Spencer and Steph were the two first graduate students working in the Centre for Gambling Research, starting in Sept 2014. Spencer’s thesis was entitled “Pay as you flow? Measuring the slot machine zone with attentional dual tasks”, and […]