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Eliscia at AGRI

Eliscia Sinclair is representing the Centre at the Alberta Gambling Research Institute annual conference this week, in fabulous Banff. Eliscia is presenting a poster on her project looking at the gender publication gap in the field of gambling research: Sinclair E & Clark L. Examining the Gender Publication Gap in Gambling Research and Addiction Science. […]

Lucas speaking at ICBA

Lucas is presenting this week at the International Conference on Behavioural Addictions (ICBA) in Nottingham, UK, in a symposium on new developments in gambling research. Palmer L & Clark L. The near-miss in online slot machine gambling: a pre-registered conceptual replication.

Congrats to Lucas on his MA defense!

Huge congratulations to Lucas who successfully defended in his MA thesis today, entitled ‘The near-miss effect in online slot machine gambling: a series of conceptual replications’. Big thank you to Profs Beck Todd and Ara Norenzayan for serving on Lucas’s examining committee!

Ke presenting at Centre for Brain Health retreat

Ke Zhang is speaking at the DM Centre for Brain Health annual retreat, taking place this week at UBCO. Ke’s talk is called ‘Expression of Chasing in the eCasino’

Welcome new undergrad RAs to the lab!!

We’re happy to welcome a colossal SIX new undergrads to the lab this summer term, which I think is our largest intake since before the pandemic. Kamran Mahboob (COGS 402) and Jaden Chen (2nd year Behavioural Neuroscience) are joining our project on video game loot boxes. Isaac Koenig-Workman (4th year Psychology and former Psyc 335 […]

Sports Gambling Ads and the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Luke was interviewed by CBC Kelowna on the Daybreak South radio show about the rise in sports gambling ads for people watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The link is to the full show but the relevant section is from 1:45 to 1:53.

NEW PAPER: Gabe Brooks on schizotypy and gambling cognitions

New paper from the lab just published at Journal of Behavioral Addictions. The starting point for this study was asking whether delusional beliefs in schizophrenia might have some mechanistic overlap with gambling cognitive distortions (e.g. superstitious beliefs). Across 3 separate data-sets, we find strong support for that hypothesis, and in fact the associations with schizotypy […]

Congrats to our graduating students!!

Huge congrats to Eliscia Sinclair, Ayush Kathuria, Harresh Thayakaanthan, Isaac Koenig-Workman, and indeed to all of the UBC graduates with ceremonies this week. Big thanks to the 4 of you for your time and help with our research projects, and we wish you all good things for your future careers!

Luke at APS Chicago

Luke is presenting this week at the Association for Psychological Sciences conference in Chicago, in a session called ““Substance use without a substance: the risk factors and mechanisms of gambling”, alongside UBC alum Mariya Cherkasova, plus Timur Sevincer & Jon Grant. Luke’s talk is called ‘In the Zone? Eye Tracking of Slot Machine Gambling and […]

UK CAGR conference

Luke is presenting one of the keynote talks this week at the Current Advances in Gambling Research meeting, which is the second conference for the UK’s Academic Forum for the Study of Gambling. He’ll be speaking about ‘People, Products and Environments: Towards a Comprehensive Account of Gambling Harm’.