JOURNAL CLUB: Reward uncertainty and effects on consumption

In this week’s lab meeting, Luke and Lucas led a discussion looking at a new paper from Bangor University in the UK, by Paul Rauwolf and colleagues. This paper uses an interesting ‘dice shaker’ procedure to induce a state of monetary reward uncertainty and anticipation, and examines the effects on consumption and taste intensity of food and drink rewards.

Rauwolf, P., Millard, S. K., Wong, N., Witt, A., Davies, T. J., Cahill, A. M., Madden, G. J., Parkinson, J. A., & Rogers, R. D. (2021). “just not knowing” can make life sweeter (and saltier): Reward uncertainty alters the sensory experience and consumption of palatable food and drinks. Journal of Experimental Psychology. General, 150(10), 2015-2035.