Welcome new undergrad RAs to the lab!!

We’re happy to welcome a colossal SIX new undergrads to the lab this summer term, which I think is our largest intake since before the pandemic. Kamran Mahboob (COGS 402) and Jaden Chen (2nd year Behavioural Neuroscience) are joining our project on video game loot boxes. Isaac Koenig-Workman (4th year Psychology and former Psyc 335 student) will be working with Lucas on the near-miss project, and is also interested in sports betting. Harresh Thayakaanthan (5th year Behavioural Neuroscience) is working with Raymond on a project looking at the role of boredom in gambling. Vidushi Pandey (3rd year Psychology) is joining the online gambling data science project. And last but not least, Samantha Ma is returning to the lab to continue work on the eye tracking & immersion study as a Directed Studies project.