CGR at the UNLV International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking

We have an exciting week ahead with a number of CGR folk presenting at the largest conference in the gambling field, the International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking, in Las Vegas. 

Luke is presenting Xiaolei’s PhD data on Day 1: “Pareto effects in the eCasino: differences across online products and links with self-exclusion”

Raymond is presenting his work on Twitch, on Day 2 “Gambling streams on Twitch: cravings, motivations, and problem gambling”

Lucas has a poster on his loot box project “Longitudinal links between loot box spending and gambling initiation in a sample of Canadian video gamers”

Hin has a poster on his lottery project “The relationship between socioeconomic status and lottery rollover effects in Toronto”

And lastly, Luke is speaking in a panel session on Day 2 on “Career pathways: finding your way in a world of opportunities”

If you’re at the conference, come and say hi!