Breaking data at BAP 2015 in Bristol

Luke is presenting new data from the CGR casino lab at the British Association for Psychopharmacology summer meeting in Bristol, UK, today, from Juliette Tobias-Webb’s experiment looking at ‘Effects of slot machine gambling on ad libitum alcohol consumption’.

Also at the BAP meeting, there are several other presentations on gambling from Luke’s collaboration with Imperial College London, and the National Problem Gambling Clinic:

Wilkinson C, Turton S, McConigle M, Mick L, Limbrick-Oldfield E, Cocks R, Nutt D, Clark L, Bowden Jones H, Lingford-Hughes A: Effects of depression and anxiety symptoms on responses to anticipation of reward in pathological gamblers.

Cocks R, Limbrick-Oldfield E, Mick L, Flechais R, Aitken M, Smith N, Lingford-Hughes A, Bowden Jones H, Clark L: Impulsivity and cognitive distortions in pathological gamblers and unaffected first degree relatives.

Nikolova VL, Mick I, Myers J, Ramos AC, Stokes PRA, Erritzoe D, Colasanti A, Gunn RN, Rabiner EA, Searle GE, Waldman AD, Bowden-Jones H, Clark L, Nutt DJ, Lingford-Hughes AR, Goldstone AP: External eating is associated with greater endogenous opioid release following amphetamine administration in non-obese men: a [11C]Carfentanil PET study

Pikovsky M, Mick L, Limbrick-Oldfield E, Bowden Jones H, Clark L, Lingford Hughes A, Goldstone AP. Self-reported problem eating behaviours in pathological gamblers: investigating the association between two impulse control disorders