In the Media

Mario Ferrari and Gabriel Brooks, PhD students at the CGR, feature on the Brain Buzz podcast (episode 3, Feb 2018)

Rick Mercer visits the Centre for Gambling Research, October 2017

“They study gambling disorder. And they had a lot on their minds at a conference in Las Vegas” by Rebecca Robbins, 4 Oct 2017.

PC Gamer, “Behind the addictive psychology and seductive art of loot boxes”, by Alex Wiltshire, 28 Sept 2017.

 Richmond News “Seniors curb gambling addiction with Chinese drama”, by Daisy Xiong, 14 Sept 2017.

“How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games”, by Simon Parkin. Nautilus Magazine, 12 January 2017

Media coverage of Murch et al. (2017, Psychology of Addictive Behaviors) on slot machine immersion:

The Province / Times Colonist “Lost in the slot machine zone”, 20 February 2017

Vancouver Sun “Problem gamblers enter a trancelike ‘zone’ when they play slots, UBC study finds” by Randy Shore. 20 February 2017.

CBC News British Columbia “Redesign slot machines to be less attractive to problem gamblers”, 20 February 2017

Daily Mail “Slot machines really do lull gambling addicts into a trance, researchers find”, 22 February 2017

Media coverage of Limbrick-Oldfield et al. (2017, Translational Psychiatry) on craving in problem gambling:

Eve Limbrick-Oldfield on CBC News Vancouver at 6.

TV report on Global News Hour BC, 3 January 2017

CFax 1070 (audio available) – live interview on The Drive with Mark Brennae – 6 January 2017
Roundhouse Radio (audio available) – live interview on Sense of Place – 6 January 2017
Pulse FM  (audio available)
 – live interview on the Kash Heed Show – 4 January 2017

Vancouver Sun “Gambling, alcohol, drug addictions share brain circuitry: UBC research” , 3 January 2017
Metro News, 3 January 2017
Roundhouse Radio, 3 January 2017

CGR in the Media 2016

Research2Reality 2016 “What makes gambling addictive?”. Website featuring innovative science in Canada, 4 October 2016.

Poll: British Columbians see online betting as most dangerous form of gambling. Print interview in Vancouver Sun, 13 October 2016.

“Why we love reading about lottery winners” Print interview with CBC News BC, 26 June 2016

Featured on “Voice of BC” ShawTV interview with BCLC CEO Jim Lightbody.  7 April 2016.

Gambling: the impetus, evolving theories, characteristics, and treatments” Online recorded interview with Abbey Strauss for the Florida Psychiatric Society, February 2016

Risks and Benefits of Pokemon Go, 22 July 2016

UBC Press Release

Trek Magazine (UBC Alumni magazine) (ranked in the top 5 new stories of 2016 by Trek magazine)

News1130 (Print / Radio)


Global T


New Horizons in Responsible Gambling conference, February 2016

Slots put players in the ‘machine zone’ in Vancouver 24 hrs

Our Youtube videos for ‘Cognitive Distortions and Responsible Gambling messaging’


Video with Luke Clark in the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s ‘Meet the Experts’ series
Interview on hindsight bias with Luke Clark as part of BBC Radio 4’s Human Zoo
Youtube video of Luke Clark speaking at the Centre for Addiction Research and Mental Health in Victoria, December 2014


The Centre for Gambling Research at UBC officially opens (November 2014)
Arts on Air radio interview with Ira Nadel (3rd December 2014)
Vancouver Magazine (Dec 2014)
CBC News with Andrew Chang
Global News story
Vancouver Sun
UBC Media Release

The announcement of the Director, Centre for Gambling Research at UBC (Jan 2014)
Vancouver Sun article
Globe and Mail article
UBC Media Release

New paper about gambling in the homeless (April 2014)
University of Cambridge Media Release

New paper on a link between gambling cognitions and the insula (April 2014)
The Independent article
Daily Mail article

BBC consider our neuroimaging work for a programme ‘Addicted to Technology’ (April 2014)
BBC article